GED/HSE Preparation Options in Austin

For students who are looking to secure their GED or High School Equivalency Diploma, it might be tricky keeping track of all of your options. Look no further than the guide below – we worked to compile comprehensive service options for the ease and convenience of future college students in our city! Check out the guide for free local support services for GED seekers and their families! Questions? Call 512-553-2338 to speak with an advisor or sign up here.

English Language Courses In Austin

The pathway to college may include a couple of checkpoints along the way – and that’s okay! We are thrilled to help future students find the resources they need to be prepared for our college programs. Check out the guide below for free local support services for English language learners and their families! Questions? Call 512-553-2338 to speak with an advisor or sign up here.

Scholarships For All

ImmigrantsRising.org is a California- based non-profit that shares a variety of resources for those who might struggle attending college due to residency issues. One of our favorite college resources – their 50+ page scholarship guide that lists over 100 available scholarships open to high school upperclassmen and college students. The best thing about this guide: the scholarship listed are available to all, regardless of residency status. So if you’re a citizen or green card holder, apply! If you’re not, still apply! Check out some of our favorite scholarships below:


Veterans Education Benefits

Veterans Education Benefits can be complicated – which benefits apply to what type of schools and programs and for how long? The below advising tool and resource compares the various education benefits available to veterans. Questions? Call 512-553-2338 to speak with an advisor or sign up here.

Post-Traditional Students in Central Texas

We’re lucky in Austin to have so many organizations and schools dedicated to ensuring that anyone who wants it can earn a college degree. And yet nearly 250,000 Austinites older than 25 have gone to college and dropped out. The purpose of this research was to better understand the experience of post-traditional college students in Central Texas, especially those supported by college access and completion programs. Below is a high level summary of our research and findings. For details and findings from student interviews see this report conducted by Austin Center for Design (AC4D). Background First, a definition.  Post-traditional students…

Healthcare Management Pathways

Interested in getting into non-clinical healthcare careers? There are several different ways to break into field in operations, finance, marketing and more when it comes to healthcare, and each industry asks for different strengths and skills from its’ employees. Check out the table below to see if healthcare administration or management is a good fit for you.


Questions To Ask Yourself

Starting a degree or certification to move up in your career is a brave decision. It is just as important to ask yourself where you are today as it is to know where you’re going. Self-reflection can be a very useful tool to learn more about your motives and interests before starting a program. This is why we have developed a set of questions for you to self-reflect on before your advising call.


Research on Pathways to Tech Jobs in Austin

With sponsorship from The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, research by KeyUp, and in partnership with various community partners, we’re excited to present this report of pathways for all learners that lead to high-quality jobs in IT. This report reflects the learnings produced by qualitative research done with Austin-based technical educators, recruiters, human resource managers, and tech employees. The report covers technical career pathways, technical career ladders within those pathways, and an overview of the educational institutions that support technical job seekers in the Capital Area. It emphasizes alternative educational programs because, though 2- or 4-year degrees are the surest…


Pathways to Tech in Austin

It’s no surprise that tech is the fastest growing industry sector in Austin, comprising 14.1% of all jobs in Austin. Nationally, high tech accounts for 7.0% of all jobs. We know there are well paying and in-demand tech jobs available in Austin. However, it’s not always clear where to get started or which education program to pursue that will lead to that great job. We also know the destination helps, and it’s equally important (and slightly more difficult) to know where we are in relationship to where we want to be.  Fortunately, Austin has a wealth of programs and organizations that have…