Your potential is calling.

Earn a degree without putting life on hold.

Discover college that’s flexible, affordable, and designed for busy people like you. A college degree with PelotonU provides flexible online speed plus personalized support. Study anytime, from anywhere. No tests. No grades. Set goals for yourself, show mastery, and move on.

Find Your Fit

Step 1

Find Your Fit

What are your dreams, and how can college help you reach them? We listen first to discover your hopes, goals, and challenges. Then, we help you find a program that fits. 

Our goal in every conversation is to empower you. If you’re feeling stuck, just talk to us. We can help you find ways to get moving with a quick 15-min chat.

100% doable degrees. Online speed plus one-on-one support. Try it free for 6 weeks. Earn a degree in 9 to 36 months. If you have a high school diploma or GED, you’re ready.

Step 2

Register for College

Once you choose the college program you want, it takes just a few minutes to apply — you’ll be accepted right away! With PelotonU, you never have to go it alone. 

You’ll understand the details that matter and know what to expect every step of the way towards your degree. When you’re ready to get moving, talk to us.

Step 3

Plan Your Finances

Don’t let the fear of college costs stop you. College on-demand fees add up to just $6,300 per year with no hidden extras. The typical PelotonU student pays less than one year of tuition out of pocket. 

With financial aid, scholarships, and grants, the typical PelotonU student graduates with just $5,121 in student loans as compared to the national average of $30k. More than 40% of our students earn their degree for free.

Plan Your Finances

With college on-demand and personalized coaching, 81% of our students earn their degree within 12 to 36 months — that’s 3x the on-time rate of traditional 2 or 4-year colleges.

Step 4

Free College Prep

Get set up for college success with our no-cost Academic Onboarding. In just 6 weeks, you’ll gain experience with college coursework, get comfortable with study routines, and refresh school skills.

Academic Onboarding is your chance to build confidence, confirm that now’s the right time for college, and get ready emotionally, logistically, and academically to hit the ground running. 

Step 5

Meet Your Coach

Discover the power of college on-demand plus personalized coaching. Get matched with an expert college completion coach for one-on-one problem-solving in any aspect of your life — not just school. 

Whether you face emotional, financial, academic, or other life challenges, your coach offers focused mentorship, connects you with resources, and cheers you on all the way to your degree.

Meet Your Coach
Earn Your Degree

Step 6

Earn Your Degree

College on-demand is kind of like taking on a temporary side hustle. Give it about 12 hours per week, and you can earn a degree in as little as 9 to 36 months. Speed it up, flex it down — your pace is up to you.

Project-based degree programs let you learn by doing, demonstrate mastery, and move on. No tests. No grades. Set goals for yourself and reach them at your own pace.

Step 7


Your degree offers proof of your skills that no one can take away. Our academic partners offer accredited degrees. We help you connect with quality employers who value them. 

A college degree unlocks career mobility, but its real value lies beyond any single job. College is where you learn to hear your own voice and find your own path. You deserve it! 


Blaze a trail to your college graduation.

Today, just 16% of part-time college students graduate at all. Together, we can change that.

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