Pathways to Tech in Austin

It’s no surprise that tech is the fastest growing industry sector in Austin, comprising 14.1% of all jobs in Austin. Nationally, high tech accounts for 7.0% of all jobs.

We know there are well paying and in-demand tech jobs available in Austin. However, it’s not always clear where to get started or which education program to pursue that will lead to that great job.

We also know the destination helps, and it’s equally important (and slightly more difficult) to know where we are in relationship to where we want to be. 

Fortunately, Austin has a wealth of programs and organizations that have a pathway to a tech career for every individual.

With sponsorship from The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, research by KeyUp, and in partnership with various community partners that appear on the chart below, we’re excited to present this visualization of pathways for all learners that lead to high-quality jobs in IT.

The goal of the maps contained within this report is to lay a foundation for understanding the tech career space, as well as to provide advisors a framework for confidently guiding career changers and advancers.

Learners can find visualizations of pathways to tech careers here.

Advisors and community organizations can find the full report and research here.

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