Built for today’s students.

Why should anyone be forced to major in juggling?

We help “post-traditional” students earn college degrees without putting life on hold. We believe any student can succeed with affordable, flexible college on-demand plus personalized coaching support. All it takes is the right team.


Unlocking college for everyone.

Post-secondary education is ripe for reinvention. Traditional college fails to serve today’s students — because the majority of them are post-traditional.

Today’s college students have busy lives with work and/or family responsibilities. These students need college options designed for them.

That’s why we’ve reimagined the path to a college degree, making college affordable, flexible, and supportive for students balancing work, life, and school.

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Today’s college students are post-traditional.

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of U.S. college students have jobs and families

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of PelotonU students are parents

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of our students have tried college before

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of our students are first-in-family to attend college

Discover the power of college on-demand.

We match students with a degree program and an expert coach. Our coaches provide personalized, one-on-one support all the way to the finish line.

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What’s in a name?

When cyclists work as a team, they form a peloton — a group that cuts through challenging headwinds, so every ounce of energy goes to reaching the finish line.

We provide peloton power to students with jobs and families. With the support they need to balance college, work, and life, these students can reach their academic goals.

If you’re ready to explore affordable, flexible college options, talk to us. At PelotonU, we’re on team you.

Meet the team.


PelotonU Coach, Karen Kioko, Headshot
Karen Kioko
College Completion Coach
PelotonU Coach, Judlyne Valmyr-Knox, headshot
Judlyne Valmyr-Knox
College Completion Coach
PelotonU Coach, Silvio Delgado, headshot
Silvio Delgado
Associate Director of College Completion, Secondary Supports
Juan Garza's headshot
Juan Garza
College Completion Coach
Coach, Christopher Perez, profile picture.
Christopher Pérez
College Completion Coach
Coach, Maximillian Matthews profile picture.
Maximillian Matthews
College Completion Coach
Coach Ale Garza's Headshot
Alejandra Garza
College Completion Coach
Coach Tracy Williams' headshot
Tracy Williams
Associate Director of Coaching

Student Support

Lacey Pittman Tomanek
Executive Director
PelotonU Chief of Staff, Leigh Ridge Headshot
Leigh Ridge
Deputy Director
PelotonU Coach, Cynthia Suarez, Headshot
Cynthia Suárez
Director of College Completion
Claire Casuyon headshot
Claire Casuyon
Director of Partnerships
PelotonU Innovation Manager, Alma Raymer Headshot
Alma Raymer
Program Manager
PelotonU Admissions Manager, Janet Rodriguez Headshot
Janet Rodriguez
Admissions Manager
Sam Endress Profile
Samantha Endress
Data Manager
PelotonU Student Support Coordinator, Wendy Delgadillo, headshot
Wendy Delgadillo
Student Support Coordinator
PelotonU Care Coordinator, Evelyn Mendez-Loredo
Evelyn Mendez-Loredo
Care Coordinator
Rocio's Headshot
Rocio Cerna
Recruitment Coordinator – Austin
Sarah Fuller
Recruitment Coordinator – DFW

Board Members

PelotonU board member, Nicole De Santis, headshot
Nicole De Santis
Board Chair Principal, Boston Consulting Group
PelotonU Board member, Kathleen Lucente
Kathleen Lucente
Secretary President and Founder, Red Fan Communications
PelotonU Board Member, Adry Martinez
Adry Martinez
Alumna Board Member Senior IT Analyst, City of Austin
PelotonU Board Member, Robin Bruce, headshot
Robin Bruce
President, Dovetail Impact Foundation
PelotonU Board Member, Sara Boone Hartley, headshot
Sara Boone Hartley
Assistant Director, Watershed Protection, City of Austin
PelotonU Board Member, Gerardo Interiano
Gerardo Interiano
VP Government Affairs, Aurora
Victoria Lucas headshot
Victoria S. Lucas
Director, People Operations at ideas42
PelotonU Board Member, James Baker, headshot.
James Baker
Principal, Greenridge Growth Partners
PelotonU Board Member, Rex Gore, headshot
Rex Gore
Co-Founder, Clean Scapes
PelotonU Executive Director, Hudson Baird, Headshot
Hudson Baird
Advisor & Co-Founder MBA Student, Oxford University

Meet our partners.

We partner with student-focused organizations in Austin, Texas and nationwide.

Do you serve students?

Become a PelotonU partner and give your students a flexible, affordable pathway to earning their college degree.