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  • Earn a degree online in 9 to 36 months
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  • Get caring, one-on-one support

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75% of today’s college students have jobs and families just like you.

We believe everyone deserves a workable pathway to a career-boosting degree — without putting life on hold. A self-paced degree is the flexible, affordable answer.

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speed through what you know, spend more time on what you don’t

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no tests or grades — set goals for yourself, show mastery and move on

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A college degree boosts earning power — a self-paced college boosts YOU power.

Study anytime from anywhere and get right to work on your chosen degree plan. Commit to 12 hours a week, and you can earn a degree in as little as 9 to 36 months. 

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A flexible online degree costs up to 50% less than traditional college.

Earn a degree for no more than $6,300 per year with no hidden costs. The typical PelotonU student completes their degree while paying less than one year of tuition out of pocket. Plus, we help you cut student debt with financial aid, scholarships, and grants.

PelotonU students say it best.

“I still remember the very first time I spoke on the phone with a lady named Avianne at PelotonU. I was still figuring out if it would be a good decision for me. I remember immediately loving my interaction with her and loving PelotonU. It was a spark of hope.” — Rodolfo, G
“While working at Accenture I found the lessons and projects in my curriculum incredibly helpful to my everyday resopnsibilities. It was like the lessons at PelotonU followed my career at Accenture, and studying at the same time solidified my career there as a standout employee.” — Gemma, G
“Whether it be friendships I’ve made, the financial security I’ve started to have as I’ve been able to be promoted because of my degree, or the confidence I’ve gained by knowing I am totally capable of being an educated adult and believing in myself, I’m truly thankful for PelotonU.” — Briana, C
“As a former student at PelotonU, the level of humility, love, and care that is put into supporting our students inspired me to join as a staff-member upon earning my degree!” — Karen, K
“Balancing school and work teaches time management skills that allow students to see the best of both worlds. They gain vital skills and competencies in school and then apply them to real-world situations, building work experience that will be invaluable after graduation.” — Karla, C
“With my degree, my dream is to open an Inclusive Preschool where Retired Senior Adults can interact and grow together.” — Sheila, M

Partners trust PelotonU.

“Imagine creating a partnership with a new organization. Now imagine making a new friend. PelotonU does both with excellence and humility.”

— Justin Sanders, Immerse Arkansas, Little Rock, AR