Helping Working Adults Complete Their Online Degree.

Traditional universities don’t work for non-traditional students. Generally, someone in their 30s with a family who wants a degree gets the same advice as someone who’s 18 and can live on campus. That creates some really bad advice for working adults.

PelotonU is a non-profit organization dedicated to giving support and advice to the sorts of students who are poorly served by traditional universities. We hop on the phone with anyone who is working full-time and wants a degree to help them explore their options and decide when to go back.

We feel that competency-based degrees at online universities are a fantastic choice for parents and working adults who have a lot of other demands to juggle. These degrees are the most affordable, highest quality, and best aligned to good jobs. We can help you with credit transfer, financial aid, and learning the ropes of online education.

PelotonU Alumni with her kids
PelotonU people in a meeting
Coach Silvio meeting with a student through Zoom.

Parents Can Complete Degrees Too.

At PelotonU we know that searching for a college as a parent or a working adult can be difficult to squeeze into your hectic schedule. The educators and advocates at PelotonU understand the pressures you face. So, we help find a flexible degree and college for parents and working adults to continue their education.

Just give us a call and begin the process today! .