Academic Coaches: Facilitating Your Online Degree.

Would you like to continue your education, but you’re too busy balancing your family and working a job you don’t like? Have you looked into getting an online degree, but you’ve been turned back by too many complex options? The world of online colleges can be an intimidating place.

PelotonU is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping prospective students such as yourself! Our whole reason for being is literally to promote and develop your potential, to get you a degree. Our academic coaches are here to answer your questions, recommend an online school or curriculum, and help plan your path to graduation.

We enjoy helping working adults get back into college and advance their careers because we’ve been there. Many of our staff, the student coaches and facilitators who advocate on your behalf, are themselves graduates of our program.

Students sitting in PelotonU office.
Students sitting in PelotonU office.
Students sitting in PelotonU office.

Support to Meet Your Degree Goals.

Once you’re ready to move toward your degree, our facilitators will assist you in selecting the right academic program. We will pair you with the right online college that not only fits your budget, but your schedule. You will also have a college completion coach assigned to you to guide and assist, meeting with you once a week about whatever might get in the way of school.

As things do come up, we have a range of secondary support resources: help with childcare, access to subsidized mental health services, free computers and hotspots, scholarships, emergency grants, etc. We bring to bear all the help we can muster to ensure small obstacles don’t get in the way of your graduation.

Ready to get your own academic coach? Call us now to get started!.