What a Thing Chronicles: Chapter 8

It’s Ashley! I’m back by “popular” demand writing Chapter 8 of What a Thing. Many times when I write, I write to the students who have been in the game a while in hopes that newbies will glean motivation from my words. This time I want to talk to the newbies, especially those who recently started AO a month ago or even yesterday.

There’s a section in the orientation when we go in depth about why we request that students spend 12 hours in the office. My favorite reason is that we all need a sacred space. If you’ve ever been an athlete, played in a band, worked on getting fit or started writing, you know that having the right space and tools are key to having a productive session.

It’s no different with studying. When I was in college, I always had a computer desk setup somewhere in my mom’s house. ( Yes, I lived at home with my mom. Home cooked meals and free internet–you would’ve done the same) On campus, I usually studied in the lobby of the Humanities building. In fact, that’s how I became friendly with one of PelotonU’s board members back when he was a professor at HT. Whenever he walked in, I was there with a huge literature anthology cracked open, and we’d say hello. Of course, I also studied in the library or at my tutoring job when I wasn’t busy helping students. I’ve studied at football games, in beauty salons, and once I might’ve studied at a party. That lobby was my spot, though! I write all this while sitting in Discount Tire, waiting on a tire change.

When students come into the office, I usually know where they will post up to study. Sometimes, students come in, and their spot is occupied. They will sit elsewhere, but once it becomes free, they grab it. It’s almost as if that place is magical or sacred in some way. (Forgive me, I’m a people watcher. I’m a writer. TLC totally wrote “Creep” about me! JK)

Brand new students, I encourage you to find your sacred space and make that degree happen! Yuvi D, Maria L, Itzel M, Vanessa M, Raul M, Eva T and Aaron W, I’m talking to you! Grab that space – and welcome to the PelotonU fam. 

Here’s a list of milestones your peers are meeting in their sacred spaces:

Yakie earned her associate’s degree last Wednesday! Isai hit 50% in his, and Trent hit 75%! Alicia P has ONE project left in her AA.

On the bachelor’s front, Dakota hit 50% and celebrated his 2 year wedding anniversary. Erika H. mastered a project on her first try – dang, girl! Denise just hit 50% of her bachelors in less than 3 months! WHAT THE WHAT – that woman must be in Ravenclaw or something.

Let’s not forget our graduates! They hit the ultimate milestone, and we got to celebrate them all together last Thursday, August 23rd with delicious food and a champagne toast. Give it up for:

Associate’s Earners:

Daliana Cantu | Ashley Cook | Karen Castelan | Virginia Gonzalez | Neena Lund | Esther Montoya | Angelice Pace | Bethany Smith | John Vallejo




Bachelor’s Earners:

Anthony Thorne | Susan Garnett


If you missed the degree celebration, it a was night filled with celebrating 11 unique and determined individuals from different walks of life with beautiful, heartfelt speeches along with their family and friends. SSF had us in tears thanking and praising Holly for her dedication to PelotonU.

We ended the evening with champagne (and cider!) toast led by Holly.

What a thing.

Until the next time.

Cheering for you,

Ashley + the PelotonU Team