What a Thing Chronicles: Chapter 14

Can you feel it? Spring is almost here! It will arrive officially on Wednesday, March 20. Of course, we already knew spring was just around the corner with all the SXSW traffic and bluebonnets springing up all over the place. (Make sure you don’t miss out on getting your bluebonnet pics! I know the weather had us believing otherwise, but that’s just Texas keeping it interesting.

Altruistic. Never in my life have I heard this word used accurately as when my fellow coach Erika used it to describe Wendy Delgadillo on the night of our most recent degree celebration. The thing is that anyone who knows Wendy personally or just as the friendly face in the office nodded in agreement. Wendy’s kind, loving, altruistic spirit is just who she is and how she walks through life. As her coach, it’s amazing to watch.

Wendy loves PelotonU because it’s like a family that supports you and cheers you on. As a community, PelotonU started cheering her on in back in 2017 when she began her associate degree. She finished in less than a year and started on her bachelor’s degree. In February, we welcomed Wendy into the family as a Peer Coach. We thought Wendy would be perfect for this pilot program. She knows the process, and she has a passion for helping others. Did I mention she wants to be a psychologist? I’m telling you the stars aligned for us! Whenever Wendy is in the office, she’s working on school or helping a fellow student. After completing training in February, she took on her first group of AA students in March!  Go, Wendy!

Wendy is a wonderful resource because she actually knows what you are going through. She understands this incredible and unique journey that you go to earn your degree. She knows about AO, turning in the first project, waiting for feedback and all the challenges and fun in between. It’s kinda like when your mom tells you something, and she’s absolutely right. She’s so right that it’s scary. Well, it’s because she’s been there. If you’re just beginning your degree or thinking about signing up, Wendy offers this advice. She says, “Change can be hard, but sometimes the outcome of these changes can be something so amazing and worth it.” She’s right, by the way.

Okay, before Wendy has her first TED Talk, you can say you know her back when. If you’re reading this, it’s not too late to pick her brain. It’s not too late to ask her to about how she maintains her momentum. She stays motivated by remembering  her goals. It’s not too late to get to know Wonderful Wendy Delgadillo!

Check out this epic list of updates on all things PelotonU!

On February 20, we celebrated 11 awesome and unique individuals!

  • Associate Degree Earners: Trent A, Christina C, DeeDee C, Wendy D, Cynthia G, Kevin G, Juan G, Jorge M-R, Alicia P, Yaquelin V-C
  • Bachelor’s Degree Earners: Denise B

Here are some more awesome shout outs:

  • Jules and Josue finished their AA!!! What! What!
  • 28 people attended Orientation for the Feb class … I think that’s an all time record!?! Three cheers for Avianne and Navid! Their incredible effort resulted in us welcoming Gerardo C, Karla C, Dalia D, Jose E,  Christopher F, Rodolfo G, Cecilia G,Leticia G, Lorie H, Katia H, Rob J, Daniel M, Silberio M, Cheryl M, Heather M.C, Patrizio N, Brenda P, Sierra S, Deborah S, Alondra R, and Robert T. Dawn T.-C, Ranferi T, and Lourdes V!
  • Sarah got to connect three PelotonU students/alumni with a fancy dinner put on by the Omidyar Network and Entangled Solutions during SXSWedu. The focus was on parent-learners, and Sarah says “Gene, Sheila and Anthony shined so bright at this dinner, y’all. They had excellent analysis of problems in higher ed and wise advice for solutions. It was great.”
  • Anthony also made an appearance at SXSW on a panel on parent-learners and they’re needs, too. Did you know parents make up 25% of college students AND have higher average GPAs than the average student?
  • Dakota has completed 90% of his B.A.!!!
  • Kat M and Cyndi are at 50% of her BA!!!!!!
  • Daliana is at 25% of her BA!!!!!!!!!!
  • Mariana is now at 65% in her A.A.
  • Sara M.’s entire Nov crew has officially hit 25% in a little over 2 monthsssssssss.
  • Maria A hit 50% of her AA in exactly 3 months!!! That means she’s on track to earn her degree in six months!
  • Josh U hit 25%!
  • Miriam just hit 50% of her AA by mastering Rent or Buy on the 1st try!
  • Marisol just hit 50% of her AA
  • We just got some new cousins up in Chicago – the Noble charter school network just launched NobleU on Monday, March 4!

What a thing.

Until the next time.

Cheering for you,

Ashley + the PelotonU Team