The What a Thing Chronicles: Chapter 3

Friday the 13th was anything but unlucky at PelotonU… Angelice earned her Associate’s of General Studies with a concentration in Business from Southern New Hampshire University’s College for America program!

Angelice and her son Jayln

Angelice lights up any room she enters with her joyful personality and always greets her mentor with, “Hello, Sunshine!”  You may remember Angelice from Chapter 2 of the What A Thing Chronicles for earning Employee of the Year at her company, but her hard work and grit also earned her an AA in under 10 months!  She will be starting her Bachelor’s on 5/1 and looks forward to the additional opportunities and advancement that her degree(s) will provide her at work. And as more proof of her caring spirit, she keeps the impact for her family and children front of mind while working on school.  Angelice adds, “I will be able to provide a better life for them… and seeing that I have a college degree will increase their chances of wanting to do the same.”

PelotonU is full of hard-working students like Angelice, both in school and in other areas of their lives.  Mayra and Evelyn both earned promotions at work – congrats to them both!  Debbie ran in the Cap10K this month and was a rock star helping out at a PelotonU information session (no surprise there!).  Josue recently started a new job and his supervisor wants to clone him because of his initiative, efficiency, and helpfulness in training other staff members.

Anthony at the start of his Bachelors journey!

In school, Susan wins the award for Math Maestro for her tenacity and persistence in math.  Although her mentor tried to convince her to stay at home and rest a little bit from life, Giovanna still came to the office to work on school and bring some of her laughs and smiles with her.  Tina may have recruited a future PelotonU student while meeting with her mentor over lunch by sharing her experiences in school with the lady sitting next to her.  Virginia and Kevin are already halfway done with their Associate’s.  Ben decided to celebrate himself by completing 25% of his BA right before his birthday.  And sprinting to the finish line is Anthony, who’s exactly 8 days  away from earning his Bachelor’s!

The month of April has also brought some student power duos to PelotonU (in a great way!)…  We witnessed the meeting of the Bethanys over a love of cookies and sweet treats.  The father-son power duo of Alfred and Quintin were working hard in the office at the same time and continuing to bring a whole new meaning to our PelotonU “family”.  

We’ll leave you with two examples of what it means to embody the spirit of community within a peloton.  

While he volunteers and helps those in his community outside of school, Michael N spends time during every single meeting with his mentor asking how other PelotonU students are doing in school and in life – Pelotonians are always rooting for each other!  

And last, but by all means certainly not least, Karen C helped watch out for a staff member in our community last week.  While two staff members were investigating the nutritional information for Batman’s dog treats, one anonymous staff member wondered aloud what the dog treats might taste like since they were very healthy.  Karen calmly and gracefully talked the staff member out of trying the treat, and instead brought it home to share with her dog. Thank you for being a superhero and talking an anonymous staff member out of eating a questionable snack!

As always, we’re so grateful to be a part of your support team, your peloton.

What a thing.

Cheering for you,

Holly + the PelotonU Staff