The What a Thing Chronicles: Chapter 2

It’s time for the next episode of The What a Thing Chronicles! Welcome to Chapter 2 – the Good Friday / Passover edition.

Let’s start with some milestones: snaps and claps to Kaitlin A, Karen C, and Wendy D who all just hit the 50% mark in their Associate’s, Bethany S and John V who hit 75% of their Associate’s, and April R who finished her transfer coursework and is ready to start her bachelor’s! This is huge!

Veronica (center) and her family

Speaking of transfers: congratulations to Veronica, one of our first associate’s degree earners way back in summer 2016. She just got accepted to St Edward’s as a transfer student to finish her bachelor’s degree. We’re so proud of her – she’s planning to start in the fall and continue working at Jackson Ruiz salon (best colorist they’ve got!)

This week’s Perseverance Award goes to DeeDee, Amalia and Danielle C – it’s taken months to coordinate the scheduling and recording for their group project, but they submitted it AND mastered it on their first attempt!


And you may not know this, but we’re in the presence of greatness at PelotonU: Angelice was named Employee of the Year at her company. What an honor!

Really, though, Angelice’s recognition is no surprise. I was crunching some numbers this week (#nerd) and found out this fun fact: the mothers at PelotonU are MORE likely to stay in college than our general student body. How’s that for some grit – working, raising kids, AND staying in school. They da real #mvps

One final “community” shout out to Julia E who’s taking care of her peers – and encouraging others to do so, too. Check out the lovely little note below that we found in the kitchen at Central.

Phew – what a list of things to celebrate. We’ve got accomplishments, perseverance and growth for days. As always, we’re so grateful to be a part of your support team, your peloton.

What a thing.

Cheering for you,

The CCA Team: Sarah, Holly, Erika and Ashley

PS – Here are some bonus photos for ya!

Happy Easter!

Julia E’s Helpful Note

Going Strong on a Friday!