The What a Thing Chronicles: Chapter 1

This week, we celebrated our 30th degree earner! ???????? ????

On Monday, Esther earned her Associate’s of General Studies with a concentration in Business from Southern New Hampshire University’s CfA program! 

Esther, also our resident volleyball player, earned her Associate’s degree in 9 months – and she’s starting her Bachelor’s on April 1st. She promises us it’s not an April Fool’s joke. Her ambition is to make a difference in the lives of families and children in Travis County, “because all of our lives are intertwined.” She’s worked the office for us at both PelotonU locations, welcomes new students with a smile and helping hand, and has a genuine love for people – and for learning. 

Congratulations, Esther!

Speaking of new students, we also welcomed 13 folks to PelotonU in February: Isai, Gene, Sarah Z, Bethany F, Nicole, Julia, Vanessa, Chris, Christiana, Marcelo, Jorge, Juan and Valeria R. They’re just about to hit their 2nd month in school – as Holly would say, “shoot dang!”

Shout out to Bethany S, John V and Daliana who are learning lots while also zipping through their AA – they’re on track to earn their degree in 9 months! And shout out Sarah Z for blazing trails in the Bachelor’s degree – she’s 3 weeks in to college and has already mastered a goal and a half!

Plus, we’ve got Kat M, Karen K, Debbie, Cori and Angelice killing it on the weekly deadlines. 

We’re also super proud of Susan – she’s made it through a really crazy few months and is refocusing on school. In the past week, she’s already knocked 6 weeks off her projected graduation date!

And finally, cheers for Gene – he wanted to jump into his BA in Feb by tackling the most difficult courses first. Hot off the presses – he’s now officially completed both! Man, we CCAs are inspired by his tenacity. 

Here’s a fun fact for ya: Michael Y, who just earned his Associate’s (in 209 days), is killing time waiting for his Bachelor’s program to start … by teaching himself Swedish. Imponerande! 

These stories just scratch the surface of the grit, hard-work, and kindness y’all demonstrate every week. We’re so grateful to be a part of your support team, your peloton. 

What a thing. 

Cheering for you, 

     The CCA Team: Sarah, Holly, Erika and Ashley