We believe any student with the will and drive to graduate from college should be able to earn a degree, regardless of geography or economics.



One Year




By combining online education and offline support, we dramatically increase persistence rates for students who historically have been at a high-risk for dropping out.

With competency-based education, students can move at their own speed--expanding or compressing the workload as their lives permit.

Cost includes the $3,000 per year cost for school and the $2,500 you will charge for in-person support.

IDEA-U is not a university, but it is a way for students who graduated from IDEA high schools, and who need to work, to re-enroll in college and earn degrees.


2016 Client

Everything you need to run a hybrid college in your community.

Step-by-Step Launch Kit

Get a sequence of the most important tasks from first idea through your first year.


Systems & Best Practices

Access systems for tracking student progress, building community, and more.

One-on-One Consulting

Meet 1:1 with our student support team for training and feedback.

Marketing & Recruitment Assistance

Marketing resources are ready to be customized and used for recruitment on day one.

Community of Education Innovators

Interact and learn from some of the most innovative and entrepreneurial educators in the country.

Enrollment to the Nation's Top CBE Universities

Learn how to provide in-person support for online CBE programs and meet the teams from those universities.

Ready to build a community of college graduates?

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