Work full-time, go to college, and further your career.

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How can PelotonU support me?

We’re a local nonprofit that matches students with non-profit Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees programs designed for adults. The affordable and self-paced courses fit around work and family commitments so you can reach your goals without putting life on hold.

We’ll map your credits, learn what grants you qualify for, and then develop your personal degree plan.

KUTX listener – if you match the items on this list, you qualify!

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  • A high school diploma or GED.
  • Willing to dedicate 12 hours a week on coursework.
  • Pursuing your first US Bachelor’s degree.
  •  At least 9th grade proficiency in English and Math.

Ready to take the first step?

Find a time that fits your schedule for a 15 minute initial call. We’ll get to know you, explain our process, and let you decide if you want a longer conversation to get into all the details to build your path to graduation.

What makes PelotonU unique?

We’re with you the whole way. PelotonU helps you choose the right online degree for your career, and we make sure it’s accredited. You choose your schedule and when to come to work on assignments.

Study at your pace and on your schedule.

Graduate from college without extra debt.

The average Texas college graduate in 2020 had $32,920 in debt. It’s time to rethink affordable education. As a nonprofit, one year of tuition with our partner universities costs $6,300 per year. Pell Grants often cover the whole amount.

Coaches and tutors who ensure you finish

When you join PelotonU, you join a community of people with similar goals. All students get to leverage the PelotonU family for their educational benefit and all students also get access to tutors in case they need any extra help.

540 students, 134 degrees, and counting.



I tried community college twice before I found PelotonU. They helped me juggle work and school all while coaching me towards earning my associates in 12 months. Now on to my bachelor’s in communications!



To get a promotion at work I knew I needed a degree, even with 20 years of experience as a supervisor. PelotonU allowed me to apply my skills to move quickly through school, and now I have my BA in business.