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Right now, only 16% of part-time college students ever graduate. In an era when more and more students are "post-traditional" - older than 24, commuting, and attending part-time, PelotonU believes that any student with the will and drive to graduate from college should be able to do so. In the current system, that's just not possible.
We are a growing social enterprise committed to providing a pathway for working adults to graduate from college on time and debt-free. We’re a startup dedicated to shaking up higher ed and committed to supporting students who work hard to earn their degree. We are an ideal workplace for a self-starter who is passionate about building a new way to go to college.

Here's A Few Perks of Working at PelotonU:

  • Competitive Compensation & Bonuses
  • Flexible Schedules & Healthy Time Off
  • Healthcare For You and Your Family
  • Social Enterprise Leading the National Higher Ed Conversation
  • High Autonomy & Chance to Make an Immediate Impact

Current Openings

PelotonU is not currently hiring.


Prior Openings

College Completion AdvisorFebruary 11, 2019 Start Date


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