Introducing 2021 Board Members

PelotonU is grateful to introduce two new 2021 board members: Kathleen Lucente and Nicole De Santis.

Over the last four years PelotonU’s board has helped the organization triple in size while growing enrollment 120% and reaching our 100th degree earned. The board’s leadership ensured PelotonU was well positioned for covid – both to see student outcomes hold steady through the pandemic while also launching new programs to better support students remotely and distributing over $110,000 in emergency financial support.

This year the board’s crafting a new strategic plan to ensure our flexible and supportive pathway to college graduation can reach more students across the country, and Kathleen and Nicole’s expertise are critical additions for the organization’s governance and long-term strategy.

Kathleen, the President and Founder of Red Fan Communication, brings an exceptional background to her board role as someone who has helped a number of ed tech companies and schools by supporting educators, administrators and students in fresh ways. After a successful and award-winning career working for IBM, JPMorgan, Ketchum Worldwide and other global brands and agencies, Kathleen moved to Austin just as the city began its meteoric rise as a hotbed for tech startups and investment.

In the time since, she has helped companies of all stages clarify their purpose, tell their unique stories, differentiate from their competitors, and establish lasting relationships with clients and customers. The tenacity with which she supports her clients is matched only by her dedication to the Austin community. She serves on several boards and donates much of her and her staff’s time to local nonprofits that have tangible impact throughout the community.

Nicole, a Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group, works in their Education, Employment, and Welfare practice, focused on strategy for birth to three and PK-12 organizations and school systems in Texas and across the country. During her time at BCG, she has worked with state education agencies, school districts, higher education institutions, collective impact organizations, think tanks, and other nonprofits.

Nicole is a graduate of Yale University with a B.A. in Economics.

For more details, and to meet the rest of the board visit our website.