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Founded in 2012, PelotonU provides today’s students with a pathway and support to graduate from college on-time and with minimal debt. PelotonU has provided college and career advising to 1,700 prospective students and welcomed 550+ students into our program who have gone on to earn 200+ college degrees.

PelotonU participants are five times more likely to graduate on time with an associates or bachelor’s degree than similar students who are part-time at a community college or in 4-year programs without PelotonU.

Our students are dedicated, 18-65+ years old and from all walks of life. For a mix of reasons they are choosing not to pursue a traditional 4-year, on-campus, full-time college degree.

What makes PelotonU unique?

Study at your pace and on your schedule.

We’re with you the whole way. PelotonU helps you choose the right online degree for your career, and it’s regionally accredited. You choose your schedule and when to work on assignments.

Graduate from college with little to no debt.

The average American college student in 2023 had $38,787 in debt. It’s time to rethink affordable education. As a nonprofit, one year of tuition with our partner universities costs $6,300 per year. Pell Grants often cover the whole amount.

Coaches who help you complete your degree.

When you join PelotonU, you’re here with people who have similar goals. All students get to leverage the PelotonU community for their educational benefit, and all students also get access to tutors if they need any extra help.

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229 degrees and counting



I tried community college twice before I found PelotonU. They helped me juggle work and school all while coaching me towards earning my associates in 12 months. Now on to my bachelor’s in communications!



To get a promotion at work I knew I needed a degree, even with 20 years of experience as a supervisor. PelotonU allowed me to apply my skills to move quickly through school, and now I have my Bachelor’s degree in business.