What a Thing Chronicles: Chapter 15

Our Student Ambassador Committee has been hard at work (shout out to Jorge, Cyndi, and Wendy) for the past six months! If you haven’t heard, they are running a month long competition during June and giving away a $100 gift card for current students who get the most people to sign up to start PelotonU. Second prize is a $50 gift card third prize is a mix of PelotonU swag items (stickers, pins, magnets, and more!) We get some of our custom printed Vinyl Stickers,​ magnets, and pins ​from our friends at Sticker Mule and they go really fast! You’ll…

Two Generations at a Time: PelotonU Launches Third Site with OpenDoor Preschool

In Austin, parents with low income must navigate particularly complex decisions about how to support their families. To earn a living wage, a parent with two kids must earn $27.69 an hour. Without a bachelor’s degree, however, that wage is out of reach. When a parent decides to pursue a degree, she must then figure out the trade offs of education costs, fitting school into her already busy schedule, and how to ensure her children are well cared for. Odds are, this parent will have to enroll in college part-time, giving them just a 16% chance of graduating – and…


Veterans Education Benefits

Veterans Education Benefits can be complicated – which benefits apply to what type of schools and programs and for how long? The below advising tool and resource compares the various education benefits available to veterans. Questions? Call 512-553-2338 to speak with an advisor or sign up here.