What a Thing Chronicles: Chapter 6

Ashley, here, with Chapter 6 of the What a Thing Chronicles.

Have you ever known, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that you weren’t cut out for a particular job?

Navid presenting at the Impact Hub showcase on June 25th

That was me a couple weeks ago in the office, when I remarked that I never could have hacked it in the military. I’m terrible at getting up on time and being coherent. I scare super easily. I didn’t check my mail for a week because I saw a snake near my mailbox. I don’t like the heat, and I don’t like anything that feels like camping. That’s why I’m grateful and in awe of those who serve and who have served.

One of your fellow Pelotonians actually served -Trent A. For at least 30 minutes, he let Julia E. and I pepper him with questions: Are drill sergeants that mean? Have you ever cleaned the floor with a toothbrush? Wait – what do you mean you weren’t allowed to eat sweets with a locked-up vending machine in plain view?  Why were the blankets itchy?


Daliana earned her Associate’s

He talked about marching while carrying half his own weight. One private even marched with a broken leg. Of course, the private complained about leg pain, but the drill sergeant did not believe him, figuring he just wanted to get out of marching. That was usually the response from drill sergeants, if you complained about anything. Julia E. and I both said there was no way, just no way. He said that marching requires more than physical stamina, but mental stability – the ability to block out pain, anything that might distract you. Finally, he said that his experience in the military showed him that he could do anything. Nothing seemed so hard after that.

I’m still not enlisting in the military. Yet, I am looking at difficult and challenging moments in my life with fresh eyes. Along with my triumphs, I see these experiences as evidence that I can accomplish more than I realize. Now, you try it. Use it to get you through a tough project. Use it to learn something new. Use it to help or comfort someone you care about. Use it to do whatever you need to do!

Navid did a hard thing last Monday at Impact Hub Austin’s Workforce Development Accelerator Community Showcase Day. He spoke to a room full of important strangers who are invested in solving the major issues in Austin’s workforce about PelotonU. Getting the word out allows others to join and do a hard thing: earn a degree.

Check out all the awesome and hard things you are doing:

Daliana C. earned her Associate’s degree this past week! That’ll make your Monday much better, amIright? We’re so proud of you Daliana – and check her out on PU’s Instagram talking about reaching this major milestone. 

Sara Morris joined the team!

Ashley C is close on Daliana’s heels, and we hope to be celebrating her Associate’s degree very soon.

Congrats to Briana C. for hitting 25% of her Bachelor’s, and Sheila M. for mastering 2 projects in 10 days! Bethany F. and Mariana P mastered 30 competencies, Wendy D. and Virginia G. each mastered three goals last week, and Virginia C. mastered her final project.

Shout out to Denise B., who completed 3 classes of her BA in her first 8 days at WGU and has completed 7 in the month of June!

We also welcomed five new students in June: Gage K., Lupita S., Maria B., Ashley M. and Andrea A.! Thanks for making them feel welcome to our community.

Finally, we welcomed a new staff member to the team: Sara Morris started last Monday, and we’re so excited to have her.

Until the next time.

Cheering for you,

Ashley, Erika, Holly, Sara and Sarah